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Antique Bronze Coins and Tokens

These Classic Looking Bronze Tokens are Ideal for Those Seeking Custom Metal Coins with a Traditional Look.

Antique Bronze Coins and Tokens begin with a Goldine coin that is chemically aged to build up a rich oxidized coating. Each coin/token is then buffed to accent the fine details of your design. Any of our coins and tokens can be personalized with one of our 100+ stock designs or with the image of your choice.

Antique Bronze Coins and Tokens Pricing

Item # Size Gauge Quantity Pricing (with Per Token Prices Listed First)
250 500 1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000
AB1-425 1" 14 2.15 1.49 1.15 0.91 0.77 0.69
AB1-440 1-1/8" 14 2.19 1.53 1.19 0.97 0.83 0.75
AB1-450 1¼" 14 2.33 1.59 1.27 0.99 0.87 0.79
AB1-473 34mm 14 2.39 1.67 1.39 1.09 0.97 0.91
AB1-480 39mm 12 2.65 1.99 1.69 1.45 1.31 1.19
AB1-490 39mm 10 2.79 2.15 1.93 1.69 1.49 1.33

Pricing Includes:  Pricing includes application of antique finish, lacquering to retard tarnishing, and individual poly bagging for all coin sizes.
Pricing Notes:  Coin prices are the same whether striking one or two sides (one die is needed per side).
Die Setup Charges:  Please see our Die Charges Page for prices on our die casting.
Normal production:  2-4 weeks from receipt of camera-ready artwork.

To Order, Please Call 1-800-233-0828

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